We provide the service of a well-equipped Aftercare Centre to our Grade PR - 7 learners in order to assist parents whose children require supervision after a school day. Our aim is to provide a safe environment where the learners are encouraged to learn, play and participate in extra-curricular activities.

The Aftercare Centre is managed and supervised by staff employed by Marist Brothers Linmeyer.

  • Aftercare Co-ordinator: Mrs Tanya Gunther
  • Full time Aftercare staff: Mrs Lidia Crismann (Grade 2); Mrs Deborah Harvey (Grade 3) and Mrs Maria Cristofoli (Grade1)
  • Homework class supervision Grade 4 - 7: Various Marist Brothers Linmeyer Primary school staff

Pre-Primary School girl saying a prayer before she starts eating her meal

Aftercare Hours

The Aftercare Centre opens at 12h15 when the Pre-school Aftercare learners have lunch, until 12h45 and then reopens from 13h15 -17h15. Homework classes run from 14h45 -15h45, and there is a further study period if necessary.

The Aftercare centre is not open on public holidays, mid-term breaks or the December holidays. It is however, open during the April and August holiday with an additional fee being charged. Our holiday programme runs from 07h15 to 17h15 and includes fun-filled outings and activities.

Pre-Primary School boy enjoying his delicious meal   Pre-Primary School girl enjoying her delicious meal

Enrolment Form and Fees

Enrolment forms must be completed in full before acceptance into the day School Centre.

These may be obtained from our Aftercare, Pre-Primary or Primary School secretaries.

Fees are calculated annually. The termly fee is R2150,00 and casual fee is R50 per day.

Contact Details

Landline School: 011 435 0646
Landline Aftercare Centre: 011 435 5960

Four girls skipping for fun   Three girls enjoying their fruit for the afternoon

Homework Policy

  • Daily homework is compulsory for all learners in Grade 1 – 7
  • Homework class staff will supervise and offer assistance where necessary with homework. Learners will be given the opportunity to complete all diarised homework at the Day Care Centre. Staff will listen to Grade 1,2 and 3 reading but responsibility is on the parents to sign off a reader as complete
  • Learners attending extramural sports must return to the Aftercare Centre and report to the homework teacher after returning from their activity. If they have not yet eaten lunch, they will be given an opportunity to
  • Grade PR and R learners are brought up to the Aftercare Centre at 15h30 by Pre-school staff, where they will stay until collected by their parents

Mrs L Crismann ready a book with a Pre-Primary School boy


All learners will be provided with sandwiches, fruit, water and juice all afternoon.

Learners are also welcome to bring their own snack.

Mrs M Cristofoli helping a classroom of Pre-Primary School learners with their homework

Medical Care

Our Centre has a first aid kit and the staff are trained in basic First Aid. Parents will be notified of more serious injuries, or if we think that the child needs to be collected.

Contact Details

Landline School: 011 435 0646
Landline Aftercare Centre: 011 435 5960

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