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Walk Down Memory Lane

Eric Quan

Attending Marist Brothers Linmeyer played a pivotal role in my life. I have often said to our three sons when…

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From Koch Street to East Street - Early Days

Koch Street School Constructing Linmeyer Early Linmeyer Marist Brothers Linmeyer today

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Gabbi looks back on Marist Memories

This was at Gold Reef City in 1996, when I was in Grade 1. The people in the photograph with…

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Reminiscing with The Old Boys

It was with great excitement that in April 2015, that the Old Boys while visiting from overseas, contacted Mr Norton…

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The Pearson Family

A look back at the Pearson Family's Marist Tradition (left to right): Liam Pearson, Byron Pearson, Mr Grant Pearson, Mr…

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Do your children require transport to and from Marist Brothers Linmeyer?

We are currently undertaking a feasibility study regarding the possibility of providing transport for our present and prospective parents!

If you are interested in using this service please click on the below button and complete the survey