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Open Day 2019

We would like to invite you to come connect with our staff, engage with our students and explore our school!

Open Day 2019 is your ideal opportunity to engage with the High School of Marist Brothers Linmeyer and see and experience the full depth of the holistic educational experience that we offer.

We have a full programme planned for Open Day in order for you, the potential parent and student, to gain a richer understanding of the quality education that we offer, which encompasses a comprehensive range of activities and experiences.

2 MARCH 2019 09H00-12H00

(Mass 08h00-09h00)

All the activities you can experience at our Open Day

  • High School guided tours
  • Admission Desk – new / current applications
  • Biology Dissections
  • Geography presentations
  • Mathematical Displays / Interactive Whiteboard Display
  • Visual Art Practical’s
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Physics and Chemistry Demonstration
  • Scratch-Introduction Computer Programming
  • Interactive Drama Experiences
Primary School Open Day 2018
Primary School Open Day 2018
  • CAT – interactive
  • Choir
  • Musical Items: Guitar and piano
  • Musical Items: Piano and Violin
  • Musical Items: Drums and keyboard
  • Swimming team training
  • Basketball training session
  • CACTIC Gym
  • Sports activities in Action
  • Interactive Drama Experiences

Fill out the form below to register and receive communication regarding our Open Day on the 2 March 2019!

Register for Open Day 2019
Please note that Open Day is from 09h00-12h00 and Mass is from 08h00-09h00