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Primary School

Mr Tony Williams

The Primary School aims to provide quality, relevant and innovative education for students from Grade PR to Grade 7. Our caring environment fosters learning and personal growth, by way of a dynamic curriculum taught by an enthusiastic, dedicated team of educators. Class numbers are relatively small and a well-balanced programme exists to meet the needs of each individual whilst providing a healthy element of competition which encourages each student to do the best with their gifts. Catholic, gospel values form the basis for every aspect of learning. Respect, tolerance and understanding of all other faiths and cultures is encouraged.

We follow the ISASA three term calendar. All students entering Marist Brothers Linmeyer are required to do a formal age-appropriate assessment. Successful applicants then meet with the HOD and Principal. This is followed by an Open Day where parents and students are invited to the school to meet with the Staff. The students are given a guided tour of the school to familiarise themselves with the environment.

We continue to equip our educators with laptops and iPads which are essential tools enabling effective communication and content creation for class lessons.

A co-curricular computer programme is offered at the Primary School.

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Incorporating evolving technology relevant to the needs of our students.


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Extra-Curricular Activities


View our wide range of sports to give all students the chance to develop their own individual strengths.


Providing a number of cultural activities which are essential for the holistic development of our students.

Tours and Events

Various educational tours take place during the year to supplement the curriculum and add extra value to each learning area.


Academic Support Gr. 1-3
Academic Support Gr. 4-7

Do your children require transport to and from Marist Brothers Linmeyer?

We are currently undertaking a feasibility study regarding the possibility of providing transport for our present and prospective parents!

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