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About Marist Brothers Linmeyer

In 1817 Marcellin Champagnat, aged 26 and newly ordained as a priest took up residence in France, where he was to begin his life’s work. Guided by a profound faith and a spirit of service, he was able to bring about spiritual renewal through education. By the time Father Champagnat died in 1840, he had built up a network of 40 schools.

In 1889, the Marist Brothers established the first boys’ school in the mining town of Johannesburg in Koch Street. Much of the early success of the Marist Brothers was based on Champagnat’s own example, as well as from the simple philosophy of service in humility and simplicity.

Early days of Koch Street School
Early days of Koch Street School
Science class in action
Science class in action – Koch Street School

Marist Brothers Linmeyer opened in 1966 with Brother Christopher as Principal. It was intended as a Primary School to replace the Koch Street School which was closing down, and most of the 258 boys transferred from Koch Street. In 1981 the first girls were admitted to Marist Brothers Linmeyer along with three staff members, namely Mrs Venter, Mrs Casasola and Mrs Karvelas. Permanent reminders of the pioneer Marist School at Koch Street were brought across to Marist Brothers Linmeyer. These included the original foundation stone as well as the original altar and the alter stone from the Koch Street chapel.

In 2016 Marist Brothers Linmeyer celebrated its Golden Jubilee of 50 years of academic excellence in Linmeyer. Offering an inclusive academic, cultural and co-curricular programme across the Pre-School, Primary and High Schools, our 1220 students are each encouraged to achieve their personal best. Well-qualified, dedicated educators teach an innovative curriculum in a technology – enriched learning environment hoping to nurture independent thinkers for lifelong learning.

Last photo of Koch Street before the demolition
Before the demolition - Koch Street School
After demolition - Koch Street School

The school makes use of contemporary facilities which are constantly being upgraded to stay abreast of educational trends. These include a customised Pre-School, a Therapy Centre which caters to the needs of our students across several disciplines as well as a state of the art Media Centre.

Students at Marist Brothers Linmeyer are encouraged to participate in numerous sporting activities to further foster the ideals of teamwork and support that are part of our Marist tradition. Swimming enjoys great focus with the addition of an indoor heated learn-to swim facility to supplement activities in our full sized pool. Numerous cultural activities exist to cater to the needs of students whose interests extend beyond the playing fields.

Guided by a value based ethos of 125 years and a solid work ethic, it remains the aim of Marist Brothers Linmeyer that each individual will come to know God within an environment where all people, irrespective of cultural, language or religious differences, are respected and appreciated.

Early days - Marist Brothers Linmeyer
Today – Marist Brothers Linmeyer