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Admissions Procedure


  • Please read the Criteria for Admissions carefully
  • Complete the acknowledgement form at the bottom of the page, and
  • Submit in order to access and download the Admissions Form

Application Form

School Fee Schedule 2020

School Fee Structure 2020

School Fees Explained



The Board of Governors and School Executive have adopted the following selection criteria:

  • Admission is based on availability of space.
  • For High School admissions, students already attending the Primary School will be placed first, provided that they meet the minimum criteria for admission.
  • Acceptance of a sibling application is not guaranteed.Applicants that have siblings already in attendance at The School, one or both parents who were past pupils of The School and/or who are Catholic may be given preference when being considered for admission.
  • The applicants that meet the minimum criteria will generally be placed on a first come first served basis.
  • Those applications which cannot be accepted due only to lack of availability will be placed on a waiting list in order of date of application.
  • Admission is conditional upon the ability to pay the prescribed school fees, and non-refundable enrolment fee. Parents/Guardians who apply for admission of their children will be subject to a credit reference check.
  • The applicant’s school fees from their previous school must be paid up in full before any application for admission will be considered.
  • As noted above, successful applicants must undertake to attend morning assemblies, religious education classes, Mass and special feast days.
  • Successful applicants must also agree to adhere to The School’s Code of Conduct which is printed in the school diary.
  • Only applications for Grade PR to Grade 10 will be considered.
  • Only those applicants (other than for Grade R and Grade PR) who are six years and older at the time of application or who will be six years old by 30 June of the year of admission will normally be considered. However, applicants who do not meet this criteria may be considered under special circumstances. (This is in accordance with Section 45A of the South African Schools Act of 1996, as amended.)
  • Applicants who are not South African citizens must also provide a valid study permit, in addition to meeting the above criteria.


  • R400.00 non-refundable administration fee
  • Copy of your child’s unabridged birth certificate
  • Copy of your child’s latest school report
  • Copy of Baptism Certificate (Catholics only)


PLEASE NOTE: By clicking the above button, you acknowledge that you have read the Admission Procedure and Criteria. Once you submit the Acknowledgment form, it will take you to the Admissions Form.