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Carlos Mendes – Class of 1976

Covid19- report for Marist Alumni report for Year book

To my long lasting school buddies of my proudly formative years in MBL, from 1972 – 1976 this will naturally be based on my local (Lisbon based – Portugal) and general EU experience.

My perception of the unfolding of events which led to the COVID19 lockdown will certainly be leaving a long lasting memory on our generation, as it did just a generation ago with the Spanish flu, which by the way did not start in Spain. The first documented cases were actually in the US, not that this was a virus which originated far away in China and would therefore not affect us.

Little did we know how this event would turn all our lives around?First reaction of the people around me was a feeling of disbelieve and with a level of anxiety which practically paralysed the normal function of our company and our personal lives.
In Europe the first affected country was Italy, and when the virus affected Spain, it got so critical that the borders between our countries were actually closed. Personally I took on all the recommendations by our NHS, namely the use of mask, respect of social distancing, hand sanitising, special care with overall hygiene and had to continue as much as possible with my normal life.My company being in the engineering field, had to have Covid-19 testing validations, in order to be able to do service work at customer’s premises.

I do still believe that this is all too soon for any of us to see an end to this, unless a vaccine is made available which will almost certainly not happen before the second semester of 2021.

To all MBL alumni colleagues, a word of hope and well wishes. I am proud to be part of this great group of people.

Stay safe!!!