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Colin Hugo – Class of 2018

The unforgettable year of 2020

2020 started off pretty much like any other year but it quickly changed into one I’ve never experienced before and probably won’t experience again.


I’m studying my second year Bachelor of Economic Science at the University of Witwatersrand. Lockdown has been both challenging and rewarding at times. At first when the news broke I was delighted; 3 weeks off, wohoo!


The ‘varsity put in place an online learning program in a matter of weeks and I was back to work. I found it quite tough to keep with the schedule, the lecturers seem to give more work and I fell behind easily. But after a week or two I found my rhythm and could catch up.


What I have loved over the past five months, is the amount of family time I have had. Normally on a weekly basis excluding sleep, I would get around 2 to 3 hours a day. This has increased 5 fold and for that I am truly grateful for. I have enjoyed sleeping a bit later as your drive to work only takes 20 seconds or so. Obviously the big miss is the social part of society, I think we have all found it tough to keep in touch with friends and miss the daily interaction.


Overall it has its own pros and cons, the workload feels bigger so university feels tougher however online tests are not bad at all. Family time has been great, as well as the more relaxed approach to life, as you don’t have to rush anywhere. But the big con is not being able to see other people. 


Regards Colin Hugo