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Danny De Silva – Class of 2007

The lockdown has been a challenge to most of us, it has affected our way of life as well as affecting how people interact on a profession or business level. Upon entering the lockdown the adjustments required to ensure that people maintained their physical and mental health was not an easy one for any of us. Fortunately for me as an individual who works in financial services, I was able to maintain some sort of a routine with still needing to work, (albeit it from home and having no possible face to face interaction with suppliers and clients) work allowed me to both keep me mind busy as well as prevent a major adjustment to my daily tasks and requirements. I feel, had it not been for my ability to continue to work during the lockdown I would have severely struggled to maintain a good and positive mental health which is something many people have and continue to struggle with during these very difficult times,

We need to try to all keep our relationships with those closest to us as close as possible and maintain a level of wellbeing although somewhat different to what has been the norm previously, this is the only way in which we will come out of this pandemic with a positive outlook for the future.