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Dario Neto – Class of 2013

As an Alumni of Marist Brothers, lockdown has come with its certain set of challenges. Being an extrovert, pre-COVID life meant going out regularly for coffee catch-ups, braais and hiking. Lockdown meant that these luxuries were no longer permitted but rather a whole new set of opportunities opened up. I learnt that there is so much to do if you’re willing to let opportunities open up around you.

During lockdown, I swapped my regular outings with doing UDEMY courses and to date I’ve completed over 10 courses with lots of lessons learnt. I’ve also taken running more seriously and made sure I get a regular dose of exercise. After all, a healthy mind equates to a healthy body.

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt during COVID though is to remain positive more than ever. It’s so easy to let the media and all the negativity around get inside of you and lower your self-esteem and morale and it’s crucial not to let that happen to you. For me, staying positive meant focusing on my purpose and goals I’d like to achieve within the next year. I had to change a lot of my goals since COVID hit, especially travel plans but that opened up the door for a whole new set of goals more orientated to a COVID set environment.

I believe a determined person is a person who is able to make the most of every situation, and that is what’s gotten me through these last few months. It’s tough, but if you stay positive, amazing things will happen.