Distance-Learning Programme

Marist Brothers Linmeyer recognizes that distance education cannot be a “nice-to-have” equivalent to the present education system; it needs to be a “must-have,” cohesive, vital component of the overall education system.

For this reason, we have adjusted our teaching methodology and attuned our academic curriculum to develop a Distance-Learning Programme across all grade levels. New concepts, activities and resources have all been introduced to ensure students remain connected to their educators.

Synchronous and asynchronous learning

Our Distance-Learning Programme comprises of two types of learning, namely synchronous learning and asynchronous learning. Synchronous learning ensures that students receive immediate feedback from their educators through real-time communication.

Asynchronous learning describes forms of learning that do not occur at the same time. For example, educators send work home and students are allowed to work on their own at a time suitable to them.

Coming together to ensure quality education

Our whole School are being taught using a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning systems. In our Primary School, understanding that parental involvement is so vital with our younger students, educators provide work in Google Classroom, supplemented with videos and interaction.

We truly appreciate and value our parent partners.

An internal website has also been designed to assist parents and students with copious grade-related resources.

Ensuring our educational standards at the highest levels

The High School runs a similar programme by uploading videos, podcasts, worksheets, virtual practicals, etc. onto Google Classroom.

There are specific times set aside too where teaching, engagement and interaction all take place between students and their educators on Google Meets.

Students are accountable for deliverance of all homework activities, assessment and assignments.

Marist Tradition

In true Marist tradition, our educators continue to provide love, care and support, committed to ensuring that each student is well prepared, inspired and encouraged to continue achieving their personal best.

What is being said?

Hi Mrs Gunther,

Thank you so much and a very well done to the Marist Team for the quick adaption to teaching online and the wonderful home schooling curriculum you prepared. You guys have been INCREDIBLE!

Grade 1 – Mrs Abigail Dow

Good afternoon Mrs Mazambara and Mrs Gunther,

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you Mrs Mazambara for making Zulu as easy as possible for the kids.

We were really worried about how we would be able to ‘teach’ Riley and felt a bit overwhelmed that we would let him down,  which would affect his grades.

The Loom video format that you did for today’s work is great, he seriously enjoyed it. It really helps hearing your pronunciation while seeing it on screen as well. My husband and I are learning now too.

My little Grade 1 also enjoyed hearing your voice on the Groove platform.

Mrs Angie Botes –  Grade 1 and Grade 4

Dear Mrs Koch,

The online classes have been extremely well conducted based on the feedback Gabriela has been giving me. She has had no issues whatsoever with any of her subjects and has had busy and productive days every single school day as if she was at School. The homework, school work, classes, registration etc has been carrying on as if she is going to school which is fantastic. A special mention and huge thank you to Mrs Bossert who conducts a live maths class from her home every day from 12:30-13:00. Gabriela is especially grateful for this class as Maths is always a tricky subject to grasp but the way Mrs Bossert is conducting the lessons is excellent.

Thank you to all the staff for the way the online teaching has been done. As I mentioned, I am worried about Grade 11 but the way the School is doing the teaching definitely helps me as a parent not feel so stressed because I can see that the curriculum is being covered in the best way possible under these very unsettling times.

Mrs Scrooby – Grade 11

Just a message to say thank you so much for the daily Devotion. My girls cannot wait for it every morning. Have a blessed day.

Mrs Auby – Grade 0 and Grade 2

I can’t thank you and your teachers enough for the effort put into the home schooling programme. I admire you all so much as I know this can’t be an easy task, and yet it is so well thought out. It makes me as a mom so excited to do these activities with Oliver.

Mrs Neill – Grade O

Please extend our thanks to the teachers.

Mrs Nicole Ribeiro – Grade 3 

Thank you for all the communication, being a teacher is extremely difficult but Aarya and I (the whole family) are definitely trying to get through this. Many thanks and many thanks for keeping the learning going

Mrs Singh – Grade 2

Dear Mr Williams,

My children are missing School terribly, and I am missing my routine. In times like this that we realize how truly blessed we are and how fortunate we are to be a part of the Marist Family.  I have always had the utmost respect for teachers, but even more so now.

God bless all teachers, they are doing amazing!

Mrs Alegre – Grade 5 and Grade 8

Dear Mr Powell and Mr Williams,

We would like to express our thanks to you, Mr Williams and to all the teachers at Marist Brothers Linmeyer,  for their hard work during these trying times.

Gisele, thankfully is coping with the new teaching venture.

Keep well, stay safe and may God watch over our families.

 Mr and Mrs De Abreu – Grade 7