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High School | Drug Policy


According to the South African Schools Act, 84 of 1996, any school Principal or his/her delegate is permitted to test any student where there are concerns of substance abuse.

It is the aim of Marist Brothers Linmeyer to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students. It is with this in mind that we aim to provide our educators and parents with the necessary support systems to enable them to deal with drug or substance abuse problems. This includes the abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, pharmaceutical drugs and slimming aids. The approach to drug abuse/addiction will be rehabilitative rather than punitive, provided the student and his/her family comply with the requirements laid down by the Code of Conduct. Should a student test positive the cost of the drug kit will be added to their account; a negative test will be paid for by the School.

Students may be tested at random, at parent’s request or if a student displays any behaviour that is deemed contrary to the norm. If a test reveals evidence of substance abuse, the procedure outlined below will be followed. In other circumstances, where direct evidence of substance abuse is presented, (for example, parents discovering drugs or substances in the home, a student abusing such substances at school or extra-curricular functions, etc.), the same procedure below will be followed.

Should a student refuse to be tested, this will be deemed an admission of guilt, and the student will be asked to leave the School and may not return until an independent negative test result is produced.


  1. In any of the above situations, the parents/guardians will be notified immediately and requested to remove the student from the campus. The student must be enrolled on a drug rehabilitation outpatients programme, and complete the school’s contract regarding testing for alcohol/substance abuse. Only once written evidence of enrolment in such a programme is provided, will the student then be re-admitted to class. Suspension of students who test positive remains at the discretion of the Principal.
  2. Students will be re-tested after a six week period from initial discovery. Should this test be positive, it will be assumed that the student’s substance abuse problem is of such a severe nature that the student will require full time enrolment in a rehabilitation programme and their enrolment at Marist Brothers Linmeyer   will be terminated.
  3. Refusal to comply with the above will result in the offender being asked to leave the School, as Marist Brothers Linmeyer cannot be held responsible for any potentially dangerous behaviour.
  4. If a student is tested positive for any illegal substance, they may not participate in any extra-mural or co-curricular activity until a negative test result is produced.
  5. Drug dealing is a criminal offence. Immediate suspension will be imposed if adequate proof is presented. Any incriminating evidence will be reported to the SAPS.

NOTE: In the interest of School security, all staff members will be informed of positive drug test results.

ADDENDUM: Even though the South African Law has changed regarding Marijuana, our School Code of Conduct stands.