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The family that reads together

When you read to your child often and combine reading time with play time, your child will link books with fun times together. Choose books that are on your child’s language level and that your child likes. Even older children like to be read to.

Here are some things you can try:

  • Discuss the story with your child, e.g. (Why did the monkey steal the key?)
  • Help your child become aware of letter sounds, e.g. (While pointing to a picture of a snake, ask: “What sound does a snake make?”)
  • As your child develops ask more complex questions, e.g. (While pointing to a picture of a ball ask: “What sound does ball start with?”)
  • Play sound games with your child – list words that rhyme – “ball”, “tall”, etc.
  • List words that start with the same sound – “mommy”, “mix”, etc.
  • Have fun with language

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