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The FIVE Characteristics of Marist Education

The FIVE Characteristics of Marist Education – Family Spirit, Love of Work, in Mary’s way, Presence, Simplicity.

The theme of our recent 2018 Staff Retreat was on the above five characteristics, and I had the privilege of addressing the group on the characteristic, “Love of Work”. Of all the five characteristics, this is the one that tends to dominate our lives, its stresses and drives us – many are consumed by it, but that does not necessarily need to be so, as the staff were informed.

Sometime ago I came across an excellent motivational speech on this very same topic and I placed this in the staff’s space for consideration. It appeared to be very well accepted and so I would like to do the same for our parents.

Acknowledgement is given to the writer of this speech – the CEO of Coca Cola from 1986 to 1991 – Mr Bryan Dyson. This is quite a famous speech and is often referred to, as the 30 second Speech, but the truth be known, it is actually only a part of his full length speech, and the extract has been titled “The five balls of LIFE”.

The pertinent section is copied as below – please enjoy and reflect on it.
B. Saunders
Principal Operations

30 second speech by former Coca Cola CEO