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High School | E-Days

Enriching, educational, elaborate, enjoyable, excellent, exciting, enchanting and enticing… these words describe the type of learning that will take place on a Wednesday after the cycle test period.

The day will be broken up into two sessions, split by a break. Whole sections of work will be covered using different methods of teaching from the standard teacher-centered approach. Grades will be integrated, students will be exposed to all the different teachers in a department and cross-curricular teaching will take place.

Some of our E-Day initiatives have included the following:

  • the Grade 8 students enjoyed the Orientation sport’s day and a picnic with the Grade 12 students,
  • the Grade 9 Beliebers were enthralled and performed some role play in Afrikaans,
  • the Grade 10 Mathematical Literacy students solved an exciting Murder Mystery while the Core Mathematics students were entertained with equations,
  • the Grade 11 Physical Science students were enamoured with the Mole and
  • the Grade 12 students eagerly began their One Research Tasks (ORT).

These E-Days will be promoting additional thinking skills and providing wonderful new opportunities within the teaching program.