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Man Flu – It’s No Laughing Matter

I hope you will indulge me this week as I break away from educational matters and talk about something which we, as men, take a lot of stick for – man flu!
To our male parents I’m sure you can identify with the following scenario:

You come home from work, your head is aching, your eyes are swollen, your nose is running, your chest is tight and all you want to do is collapse onto your bed. You walk in the front door and your hope is to receive a warm, loving hug from your spouse and perhaps a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. But, as you begin to pour out all your pains, you get this response: “Why are you so dramatic – there is nothing wrong with you!”

Now, to our better halves, before you take another shot at us when we are in the depths of despair and you believe we are milking any attention we can get, please know this – man flu is real and it’s here to stay!
A number of universities around the world have put some intense research into the subject of man flu over the last few months, with studies showing a number of findings…

Some research has shown that certain infectious illnesses have evolved and become more harmful to men than women and therefore, men suffer more severe symptoms of these particular illnesses. Other research has suggested that in many cases the female immune system is stronger and can fight viruses and infections more effectively. Similar studies have shown that testosterone levels in men may cause them to be more susceptible to viruses!

Now, what hasn’t helped us males over the years is the fact that we haven’t always cared for our spouses very well when they have been ill, and this may be contributing to the response we ourselves face when we are sick. So this is the challenge I put forward to us men: go the extra mile to support and care for your spouse when they are ill, and not just to get brownie points! It may go a long way in you receiving the same care when you are going through the terrible pain of man flu (and we all know it’s just a matter of time until this happens, especially when things are needed to be done around the house!)

To our beloved spouses, we love you, but unfortunately our man flu is a part of us that is here to stay, even though it may drive you nuts. All we ask for is a bit of compassion and in return, we will tone down our acting abilities!
Men, here are some tips which may help you to get your man flu taken more seriously:

  1. Timing – if you expect the warm hug and compassion from your spouse after she has had a long day at work and the kids have tested her patience levels all day, you are a rookie – all you will get is the cold shoulder! Pick your times carefully to show how severe your case is.
  2. Don’t be predictable  – coming down with man flu every time there is a function that you don’t want to attend because you would rather watch sport, may work once, but after that you will be lucky if you even see the cold shoulder. Save this one for the big family function with your in-laws (not me – I love my in-laws!)
  3. Cut down on the sound effects  – apparently excessive groaning, mumbling and general “body ache” sounds are not convincing. In fact, you will have more chance of winning the lottery than getting any attention.
    I hope you have a great week and men, I’m sorry if I’ve ruined your chances of getting any attention at all!

Kind Regards
Hylton Powell
Deputy Principal – Primary School