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We are nearing that time of year again where we head into our year-end Assessments, and this can bring about a lot of anxiety, stress and pressure for both us as parents and our children – in fact, at times, we feel it more than our children do!

I do believe, however, that much of this stress and anxiety can be alleviated if we, as parents, put into place tight structures for our children. Even more importantly, we need to ensure that our children adhere to these structures. We know how busy day-to-day life can be, which is why it is vital that we set up these daily study routines and guide and assist our children towards following them through.

  • Compile a daily study plan – make it clear and place it on a wall/desk where preparation takes place.
  • Start small – don’t try to study everything in one day – especially if it is the day before! Break down the work into sections.
  • Use a study method that is comfortable and works for you – there are so many different methods and finding the right method is crucial to a study session being productive.
  • Take regular breaks – it is important to ensure that the brain gets adequate rest; being fresh is crucial to effective
  • Exercise regularly – this is often something that is neglected during this time, but it is so important to remain fit and healthy.
  • Practice, practice, practice! For senior students, practicing past papers is very beneficial and can give them some idea of what to expect going forward.

One of the things we also tend to do as parents during this time, is place too much pressure on our children. Especially our younger children. We need to emphasise that they should adopt the same approach to these assessments as they would to their cycle or class tests. The word “exam” automatically creates apprehension and it is our duty as teachers and parents to remove as much of this anxiety-provoking apprehension as possible.

If our children are prepared, refreshed and motivated and have been educated on the importance of having a good work ethic, then they have the best possible chance to achieve to the best of their abilities.

We wish all our learners the very best for the upcoming Assessments!
Have a great week!