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Prereading Skills – How do I support my child?

  • Letter sounds not names – when doing homework or discussing letters remember letters have a name Ay and a sound ‘a’ as in ant. In Grade R and Grade 1 children learn the sounds.
  • Rhyme: sing, learn nursery rhymes, play with language – when words sound the comment, ask your child to find a word that rhymes with…, ask if the think certain words rhyme.
  • Syllables- breaking word into parts is an essential reading and spelling skill. Clap out long words e.g. e-le-phant
  • Read to your child
  • Use big words don’t be scared if they can learn cat they can learn feline!- a good vocabulary is one of the key pillars of reading!

If you can’t remember the sounds for the letters – use this reference:
a in apple, b in ball, c in cat, d in dog, e in egg, f in fish, g in gate, h in horse, i in ink, j in jam, k in king, l in leg, m in man, o in orange, p in puppy, q in queen, r in race, s in snake, t in tap, u in umbrella, v in vase, w in water, x in box, y in yawn, z in zip!

By Adelle Schwark.