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Marist Brothers Linmeyer aims to incorporate evolving technology relevant to the needs of our students and teachers whilst establishing a balanced learning environment.

To incorporate evolving technologies and simplifying processes the primary school engages in interactive teaching tools such as Apple TV’s and iPads to provide technology enriched lessons. Platform based skills are taught using Google G Suite and Knowledge Network.

The use of technology, both information and design, are integrated into many aspects of our curriculum to develop skills which will grow students into responsible and skilled digital citizens. Technology is used as an integrated tool that enhances the lesson in the classroom.

“The Information Technology Centre is well equipped with educational solutions for our children. My daughter Sarah loves learning new programmes and skills. Her teacher is always willing to help when needed. Great learning environment!”

Mrs Ferreira, parent


Time management, electronic creation and submission of projects or tasks (these range from quizzes, movies, presentations etc.) are just some of the benefits of mobile devices.

Soft skills in coding (Scratch, HTML and Python) are taught during the computer lessons from Grade 3 – 7. These are incorporated into the extra – curricular curriculum with Coding and Robotics where project based learning takes place.


With students utilising all sorts of technology from home and school, we offer a comprehensive digital citizenship curriculum to ensure that our students use technology responsibly. Parents are also educated in monitoring and setting up their children’s devices to ensure digital safety at home.

Equipping students with skills for life will allow them to be empowered to become confident and responsible global citizens who will make the difference.

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