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Senior Primary | Academic Programme

In this phase there are three classes per grade with no more than 28 students per class. There is no class teaching as students are taught by specialist subject educators. The learning areas in the phase are Literacy, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Economic Management Sciences, Natural Sciences, Life Orientation, Art & Culture and Technology. Grade four to six students are assessed continuously throughout the year and formal summative assessments are written in the second and third terms. All Grade 4 students undergo a rigorous study skills program during the term one to prepare them for summative assessments. Grade seven forms part of the Senior Phase. Continuous assessment takes place throughout the year and formal summative assessments are written at the end of the second and third terms. Grade seven academic standards in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics are monitored by participation in a variety of shared assessment initiatives. To assist our grade seven students with subject and career choices, psychometric testing is administered by external psychologists early in the year. At a follow up parent/psychologist interview, study are informed of their strengths and weaknesses.

Academic Senoir Primary students having fun

Students experiencing difficulties are offered academic support by their subject educators. Prefects and Head Prefects are chosen at the end of the first term. They are assessed on criteria such as openness to guidance, empathy, punctuality, loyalty, diligence, initiative etc. In keeping with the Marist Brothers’ tradition, Religion is at the core of all education. There are two RE educators in this phase. All students, regardless of their own personal creed, attend all masses and assemblies. No one is excluded from any of these, while at all times respecting other students’ beliefs and culture. Overnight educational and leadership tours are undertaken on an annual basis. These tours are voluntary and vary in length. Students are accompanied by members of staff. To ensure that all students receive a holistic education, a rich cultural programme is offered. This includes entrance into eisteddfods, speech competitions, choir, chess and a biennial production. Sport plays an integral role in the development of our learners. School leagues as well as private school leagues are entered. An outreach programme is actively encouraged with all classes in the school “looking after” a charity of their choice. Two Grade 7 students are chosen every year to represent the school at the Johannesburg Mini-City Council. This is an extension of our outreach programme.

Students making use of iPads to help them with their learning     Students enjoy reading

Learners are offered academic support by their subject teachers