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Primary School | Extra-Curricular | Cultural

At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we aim to provide a holistic education. A vital component of this is the development of the cultural life of the student and the wider community.

Public Speaking
The ability to communicate effectively and confidently is an essential life skill. At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we provide opportunities for our students to engage in Public Speaking Competitions, both externally and internally.

Chess is offered from Grade 1 to Grade 7. In the Foundation Phase, the game is introduced in a fun way using fewer chess pieces. Juniors are coached once a week to develop basic chess, memory and planning skills. They play games against each other, with some friendly matches against other schools.

At Intersen level, more intensive coaching, also once a week, encourages strategising, decision-making and concentration. Matches are played against both local schools and other ISASA schools.

two Primary School boys playing chess against each other

The Marist Primary School Choir consists of students ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 7. The Choir leads the singing at assemblies and masses and often represents the school at various festivals throughout the year. This talented group of singers plays a crucial role at the First Holy Communion and at the annual Name Day Mass.

The Marist Primary School Choir Singing

School Productions
Every year the Marist Primary School undertakes a production, alternating between the Intersen and Foundation Phases, in which every child participates. Every third year, a Musical Production involving students from Grade 3 to Grade 7 is produced.

Students ranging from Grade 00 to Grade 7, participate in the annual Southern Festival of Arts. Items performed include poetry, dramatised poetry, reading, choral verse, singing, dance, art and many more.

Learners ranging from Grade 00 to Grade 7, participate in the annual Southern Festival of Arts

Safety Team
The aim of our Safety Team is to introduce the Primary School students in Grades 5 – 7 to basic safety practices and elementary First Aid. This team of twenty active and highly motivated young learners receives training and regular assessments.

Extra-curricular activities
Various extra-curricular opportunities are made available to our students on the school premises. These activities are offered at an extra cost to parents and include piano, drums, guitar, pottery, art, ballet to name a few.