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To Read or not to Read – Is There Really a Choice?

Once upon a time there were books, and they were cherished, and they were sought after, and they were read.

I would like to believe that for many people who love reading, this is still the case and here at Marist Brothers Linmeyer we will continue to promote and encourage our children to read as much as possible. However, I am also aware that for many, reading has lost its value and other aspects of life, many of which are unavoidable, occupy our time instead. I mean would you rather read a good book or watch Liverpool play soccer…it’s a no brainer…read…ouch! (I might pay for this one!!)

Last week on the 1st of February, it was World Read Aloud Day and many places across the world got involved in events to promote the wonderful art of reading. This included specifically encouraging parents and their children to read aloud to each other – something which appears to be on the decrease in many places. For most of us, listening to our children read is common practice, but how many of us are still reading to them – age appropriately of course?

As parents we need to be equally as enthusiastic when we read to our children, even though we may be exhausted at the end of a long day. I believe there is so much value in our children hearing us portray wonderful adventures and intriguing plots in ways that take our children to these places in their minds. I know sometimes this requires us speaking with strange accents and pretending we are these characters ourselves, but it’s worth it if our children get a sense of the wonderment that reading can bring.

Apart from the obvious academic benefits of reading, things like imagination and creativity are developed when our children read. Reading is an escape from a sometimes overwhelmingly busy and hectic world, and provides our minds the freedom to focus purely on the book and forget about the worries and stress that fill our everyday lives.

Therefore, I encourage you to spend some quality time reading with your children this week. Let them read to you, make it a fun and exciting time and perhaps this may even inspire you to rediscover your own passion for this wonderful pastime.

Have a great reading week!

Hylton Powell
Deputy Principal – Primary School