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As we get closer to the end of year exams we look at a habit that should stand us in good stead in the preparation for the exams:

‘Striving for Accuracy’

Will second best really do, Is near enough good enough? Are you happy with just OK?  Successful people  tend to say “no” to these questions. They set themselves high standards and work towards these, always checking that their results are pushing their boundaries. They desire exactness and fidelity. In short they strive for Accuracy. Often high achievers aren’t trying to be “the best”, but instead they are only trying to be “their best”. Their focus is on improvement, and on growth. High achievement is just a natural result of constant improvement. An important part of being able to ‘Strive for Accuracy’ is understanding what your goals are – what quality looks like. The person who strives for accuracy has a goal in mind and checks their progress against that goal.

Striving for success without hard work is like  trying to  harvest where  you  haven’t  planted.