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Mr Michael Pavkovich

Mr Pavkovich joined Marist Brothers Linmeyer in 1999 as the Sports Coordinator and Physical Education Educator for all the grades in the High School. He completed a course in Physical contribution to Wellbeing at the University of Johannesburg. He is most passionate about Physical Education and its benefits for the students. He continues to enrich the students’ lives through his teaching of Physical Education to all Grade 8 to Grade 12 students. Mr Pavkovich instils a sense of self-discipline and taking responsibility for one’s actions, whilst encouraging students to be more positive within the School.

Mr Pavkovich’s exceptional skill in Soccer has resulted in him being the Master in Charge of this sport at Marist Brothers Linmeyer. He has a passion for physical wellbeing and his hobbies include Fishing and Motorbikes. His favourite quote is, “A loser has excuses. A winner has a plan.” by Stine Nielsen.

Mr Pavkovich’s passion for, and involvement in, Soccer spans across decades, which has resulted in him being highly regarded in this popular sport. He was the coach for the South African Special Olympics Soccer Team to Connecticut (USA) in 1995. He was also the coach for the South African Senior MACCABI Soccer team to Israel in 2005 and 2009. Early during his career, he coached Soccer in New York over a period of 6 years. He attended International Coaching courses in Holland and England and has worked at Super Sport United Academy. “Mr Pav”, as he is frequently referred to, is currently the Director of Coaching at Highlands Park Youth Centre, but has also held the title of Director of the Southern Gauteng Football Association in the past. Marist Brothers Linmeyer is most fortunate to have such an outstanding Soccer expert as a staff member.

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