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Mr Mwasieni Myambo

Mr Myambo joined Marist Brothers Linmeyer in 2017 and teaches Grades 10 and 12 Life Sciences and Grade 9 Biology. He completed his studies in Zimbabwe, having completed a Masters in Education in Biology as well as a Bachelor of Science Education in Biology and Geography, both from the University of Zimbabwe. In his 18 years of teaching experience, Mr Myambo has particularly come to value ecological outings, where students get first-hand experience of ecological interactions in a natural setting.

Mr Myambo’s passion is DNA Technology because of its potential to become a solution to many problems facing humanity today. He enjoys teaching Map work, Development and its associated issues. He encourages critical and independent thinking and lifelong learning in his students. Mr Myambo has become involved in coaching Soccer at our School. He feels that this School is a serene environment where God is put first which further nurtures an excellent learning environment; every student is given an opportunity to shine.

Mr Myambo’s hobbies include Hiking, Cooking and watching Soccer. He likes Gardening and he has his own vegetable garden at home. His favourite quote is, “Knowledge sharing rather than knowledge hoarding,” by Bill Ford. Mr Myambo is inspired by the daily challenges that he meets in his life and how he reacts to them. These offer him learning experiences that he is keen to share with others.

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