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Mrs Pamela Cleeve-Edwards

Mrs Cleeve-Edwards holds an Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She is currently teaching Grades 8 and 9 EMS and Grade 10 Business Studies, filling in for Mrs Winfield who is on Maternity leave.

Mrs Cleeve-Edwards has 4 years of High School teaching experience and a year of voluntary English Literacy teaching under her belt, although she initially worked in the business world for many years before becoming an educator. She believes that this has given her a special insight when teaching Business Studies, as she has been involved in many aspects of what she teach the students about the corporate world.

Mrs Cleeve-Edwards is a long distance runner, having completed a number of marathons over the last few years. Her favourite quote is by Nelson Mandela, “Tread softly, breathe peacefully, laugh hysterically.”

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