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Mrs Gabriella Verdonese Coetzee

Mrs Verdonese Coetzee holds a Bachelor of Education degree from WITS University, a Certificate of Architectural Draughting from Inscape and an Honours qualification in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Johannesburg. She joined Marist Brothers Linmeyer in 2018 and is currently teaching Grades 8 and 9 Technology and Grade 10 and 11 Engineering Graphics and Design. Her other teaching subject is Mathematics.

Mrs Verdonese Coetzee has a passion for drawing plans and creating perspective drawings. She enjoys modelling houses on CAD. Her hobbies include Ariel Arts, Squash, trying to outsmart her husband at Chess and reading all things Harry Potter. Her favourite quote, “God doth not need either man’s work or his own gifts; who best bear his mild yoke, they serve him best,” which is from the poem, On His Blindness by John Milton.

She feels inspired by her family; her Mother for her strong will, her Father for always being kind to those even if they don’t deserve it, her Sister for being genuine, her Husband for being so wise and all her animals who show her what unconditional love really is. She believes that the physical appearance of the grounds and the spiritual connection that you feel walking into the classrooms at our School creates a sense of belonging.

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