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Ms Angela-Kerry O’Reilly

Ms O’Reilly joined our staff complement in 2018, but she is no stranger to Marist Brothers Linmeyer having completed her schooling here. Ms O’Reilly studied at the African Film and Drama Association and achieved her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Live Performance. She is currently teaching the Grade 9 Dramatic Arts discipline of Creative Arts and Grades 10, 11 and 12 Dramatic Arts. She would like to instil a sense of passion in the students and the fact that it is okay to be different.

Ms O’Reilly has a passion for directing Physical Theatre and she is hoping to produce a school drama major production. She also has a number of exciting ideas in mind for other performance opportunities. Her hobbies include Cooking and Horse Riding. She is, by her own admission, obsessed with the colour Green. Marina Abramovic, a conceptual artist who sees the world so beautifully, inspires her. Ms O’Reilly’s favourite quote is‚ “Love the Art within yourself, not yourself within the Art,” by Stanislavski.

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