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Teaching your child to tie his/her shoe laces

When you start teaching your child to tie a knot and later a bow, tie two different coloured shoe laces together.

Let your child sit on a chair and put the join of the 2 laces under his/her legs. Tell the child to put one colour over his/her legs and then the other colour across it. Take the top colour under the bottom colour towards the body and pull to make a knot. Repeat the process. Let your child practise making lots of knots in this way. See example below.

When your child is able to tie the knots easily, introduce the double loop method of tying shoe laces. Tie a knot, then make 2 “bunny ears” and then tie a knot again.
See example below.

A trick to using this double look method on running shoes/takkies is to use the extra side holes to secure the “bunny ears”. See example below.

Marcelle Niehaus
Occupational Therapist