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Two Grade 4 learners rewarded for their achievements

Two young musicians are rewarded for their performance excellence

Mihla de Oliveira and Catarina Camacho, two Grade 4 learners from Marist Brothers Linmeyer and trained by Tiana’s Drums and Piano School at Marist Brothers Linmeyer, won several diplomas at the National Eisteddfod of South Africa (NESA), and were invited to the NESA regional showcase. At this regional event, Mihla was an item winner for her drum solo and received a medal award for their duet while Catarina also received a medal award for the same duet. They are currently preparing for the NEA Young Performers Competition in 2017.

Mihla de Oliveira and Catarina Camacho are rewarded for their achievements

Mihla De Oliveira (left) Catarina Camacho (right)