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Vincent King Covid – Class of ..

My family had just returned from Bali when I received the notification from the College of Dentistry that all dental practices must cease operations due to COVID-19. As I processed the information and the way the pandemic was impacting the world around me, I was deeply saddened and fearful for my loved ones.

After about two weeks of settling into a routine with home isolation, I made a point of preoccupying myself with activities that would bring me joy during this difficult time.

  • I built a puzzle of the big 5 African animals which was fun and stimulating.
  • I watched more online live Safari drives, which gave me a chance to reminisce.
  • I leveraged technology to get in touch with close friends. I had a chance to connect with the MBL group on WhatsApp, and had a couple Zoom happy hour meetings and dinners.
  • I was able to get more in touch with nature. I went kayaking frequently and found solace in watching the frolicking seals and feeling the soothing ocean breeze.
  • I reconnected with my love for photography. On my hikes, I took varying pictures of babbling streams, fallen firs, sunrises and sunsets, magnificent eagles, crows and bears.
  • I finally completed building a stairway from my house to the creek behind. I named it “stairway to heaven” after the famous Led Zeppelin song!

This interlude made me truly realise how important friends and family are, how little we need, how beautiful nature is, how fleeting time is, and to enjoy every single day like it’s our last.