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Vision – Key in assisting learning for children

Vision assessments were carried out in the preschool this week.

Vision is a key to assisting children to obtain information from their environment and organize it into meaningful data. The brain interprets what the child is seeing, thus ensuring accurate visual input is important in developing visual perceptual skills.

Visual perception refers to the brain’s ability to make sense of what the eyes see. Visual perceptual skills are important for everyday skills such as reading, writing, completing puzzles, cutting, drawing and dressing.

Activities that encourage development of visual perceptual skills:

  • Following objects with their eyes, whilst not moving their head.
  • Playing games with torches in the dark on the ceiling – catching each other’s torches.
  • Finding objects in busy backgrounds.
  • Creating pictures out of clouds.
  • Completing incomplete pictures.
  • Doing mazes.
  • Hidden picture games.
  • Dot to dot worksheets.
  • Word search puzzles.
  • Reading and memorizing number plates.