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Weekly Planner ideas for your children

Having a weekly timetable in the kitchen will help your children to understand the sequence of the days of the week and what activities are on each day. It also helps to teach them essential organisational skills. Each night go through what is happening the next day with your child and help them pack their bags for the day (e.g. swimming togs).

Timetables can be used with pre-schoolers as well as primary school children. With younger children, you can use pictures for each activity so they learn to anticipate and understand what each day will be like (see example template below). You can personalise it by taking photos of your child doing the various activities.

Talk through the next day with the child, pointing out that there may be changes and if changes occur it is okay. A white board in the kitchen is useful for the timetable, or you can laminate a timetable template and use a whiteboard marker to write/draw on any new activities.

I find a timetable with columns from left to right works best. I start with Monday so the children can see that Saturday and Sunday follow each other and are different from the week days.

Therapy Corner weekly planner

Marcelle Niehaus
Occupational Therapist