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Tuck Shop

Toasted CheeseR15Toasted Cheese and HamR20
Toasted Cheese & TomatoR20Toasted Chicken MayoR20
Toasted Mince & CheeseR25Toasted Bacon & CheeseR25
Toasted Bacon, Egg & CheeseR30Roasted Chicken PieR25
Spicy Beef PieR25Ham & Cheese PieR25
Apple TartR25Vegan Curry PieR25
Nutella MuffinsR10Bran MuffinsR10
Health Sandwich - Cheese & HamR25Health Sandwich - Chicken MayoR30
Health Sandwich - Egg MayoR28Water 330mlR5
Water 500mlR8Water 750mlR10
OrosR10Box Juice R10
Sparkling Water 500mlR15Ice Tea BottleR20
Ice Tea CanR15Cooldrink BottleR20
Energade / Powerade R20Appletizer R25
Grapetizer R25Lays Chips/ Ghost Pops/ Doritos R10
Breakfast BarR102 F Kit KatR5
4 F Kit Kat R10Bar One Large R12
Tex largeR12AstrosR15
5 StarR12Jelly Tots BigR15
Jelly Tots Small R10Maynards Jelly Sweets R10
Chocolate Chip Cookie R5Chocolate BrownieR10
Frozen Yoghurt R15

Lunch Card System

Students may order and pay online using our Lunch Card System.