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As educationally-related costs continue to rise, Marist Brothers Linmeyer is committed to help lessen the financial pressure faced by parents. A competitive fee structure has been developed to assist families to educate their children at a high quality, caring and renowned educational institution.

School fees cover all grade-related costs including school excursions and camps, extra-curricular activities, guest speakers, book levies and numerous additional exciting and technology-related curricula offerings.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer is a Catholic (Christian), independent and non-profit school. The fiduciary governance structures ensure that all money collected from fees goes directly to cover educational and operational costs; not to shareholders or owners.

Our school has an affordable aftercare service available to parents. This service includes a structured homework hour and supervised free-time after extra-curricular activities. This service is offered at a fraction of the cost of similar offerings at most other independent schools.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer warmly invites all interested parents to visit our school. Visitors’ Mornings are perfect opportunities to meet and engage with our principals and to experience all that our campus has to offer.

At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we offer the following complimentary services:

A Learn-to-Swim programme

for our Pre-School

Stationery for Grade PR to Grade 3

Remedial, speech and occupational therapists

work with Grade PR to Grade 4 students during school time

Innovative and advanced IT education

Grade 4 to 12 camps

Specialised coaches for sports

A Grade 1 readiness test conducted in Grade R

Vision and hearing screening

in relevant grades

Academic support and enrichment

is provided for all subjects

All Pre-School and Primary School excursions

are included

A High School psychologist is available

Our school Medical and Safety Officer

is a qualified paramedic 

Grade 12 IEB exam