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Fee Offering

We are open for admissions for 2021 and beyond!

Explore how Marist Brothers Linmeyer is more than just a fee and find out the cost for all our Grades, along with our placement fee.

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Fee Offering

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Marist Brothers Linmeyer, More than just a fee!

The cost of a Child’s Education is becoming increasingly steeper.

As school fees continue to rise, Marist Brothers Linmeyer would like send out a message to parents to rather dedicate their attention to their children’s education. We will help lessen the financial pressure by offering a competitive school-fee structure and plan option.

Over the past few years, we have become aware of the financial strains on our parents and have adjusted our School fees accordingly.

We have no additional levies. The extras that we do charge for include subject-specific camps, extra-curricular/recreational tours/excursions and textbooks issued by the School. These extra costs do require parents’ permission.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer Fees 2021

School Fees payable over 10 months
Grade 00R 6,930.00 R 69,300.00
Grade 0R 6,930.00 R 69,300.00
Grade 1 R 8,590.00 R 85,900.00
Grade 2 R 8,590.00 R 85,900.00
Grade 3 R 8,590.00 R 85,900.00
Grade 4 R 8,690.00 R 86,900.00
Grade 5 R 8,690.00 R 86,900.00
Grade 6 R 8,690.00 R 86,900.00
Grade 7 R 9,380.00 R 93,800.00
Grade 8 R 9,380.00 R 93,800.00
Grade 9 R 9,380.00 R 93,800.00
Grade 10 R 9,790.00 R 97,900.00
Grade 11R 9,790.00 R 97,900.00
Grade 12 R 10,760.00 R 107,600.00

Grade 12 fees will be billed from November 2020 – August 2021

Download School Fees 2021 as a PDF document – click here

Enrolment Fee

Non-refundable enrolment fee (once-off)

Can be paid over 4 months

Must be paid in full by October

Primary School EnrolmentR10,000
High School EnrolmentR12,000

Additional Fees

Aftercare R 9000.00 R 3000.00
Casual AftercareR 65 per day
Locker (High school)R 300.00

Grade 12 school fee is inclusive of the Matric IEB exam fee

School fees include the grade tours for Grade 4-12. They do not include subject tours or sports tours.


Annual Discount: 5% discount on Family’s fees payable by 31st December 2019 the year before. . NO discount for payments in January.

Sibling Discount, applicable to siblings in Marist Brothers Linmeyer at the same time:

Sibling Discount:
3% 2nd Child
7% 3rd Child
15% 4th Child


Fees are payable by:

  • Credit card (Mastercard & Visa) at the school
  • Direct Deposit at the bank or EFT


Should you encounter a problem at any time you are encouraged to contact Mrs Becker in the Finance Office.

Excursions are payable 2 full weeks prior to the start of the excursion. Should your account be in arrears or the tour money not paid by then, your child will not be permitted to go on the relevant excursion.

A FULL TERM’S written notice must be given, or the equivalent fee paid in lieu, prior to the withdrawal of a student.

At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we offer the following complimentary services

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Fee Offering

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