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Open Day 2019

Join us on Open Day, 2 March 2019 from 9h00 to 12h00, to find out how your child CAN achieve their personal best.

Our educational environment is founded on creativity and innovation and fosters engaged critical thinkers with excellent problem-solving skills. By establishing a love for lifelong learning, self-direction and ongoing personal development, we fuel our students’ entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirits. Our focus on social responsibility and cultural and environmental awareness means that they become ethical citizens of the world, committed to changing it for the better.

At Marist Brothers Linmeyer, your child’s school years are not simply the foundation for their lives, but a launch pad for their futures.


View our Open Day programme for a  comprehensive range of our Academic, Religious, Cultural and Sports offerings.


We look forward to Welcoming you on Open Day!

2 MARCH 2019 09H00-12H00

(Mass 08h00-09h00)

Open Day Program

  • Guided tours
  • Public Speaking Workshop
  • Biology Dissections
  • Life Science displays, dissections and experiments
  • Fun with Slime and Tech
Primary School Open Day 2018
  • Extracurricular activities – Karate, Ballet, Pottery, Clamber Club and Tiny Twisters Gymnastics
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Dreaming of Drama – drama performances
  • Music and Movement
  • iPad Fun in Action
  • Bricks and Block coding
  • Choir
  • Guitar and Piano recitals
  • Violin and Drums performances
  • Primary School Swimmers make a Splash!
  • Beginner to Winner Programme – Perfect Stroke
  • Tennis in Action!
  • Cricket match u13s vs Glenanda
  • NL Serious Cricket Academy

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Please note that Open Day is from 09h00-12h00 and Mass is from 08h00-09h00